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The Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog as a companion

If you have ever heard the phrase “Sticks to you like glue”, It will not be long before you learn that this term is best demonstrated by any Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog as a practical reality. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are social animals that prefer to be wherever you are – and it makes absolutely no difference to them where that happens to be. This can include your car, the bathroom, the couch and yes, even in your bed! Nevertheless, these are by no means, “wimpish dogs”. They do not clamor for constant affection and attention to be lavished upon them. In fact, they might think it a little odd if you were to display too much fondness in this regard. But this aloofness is a mere subterfuge for the loyal and devoted animals that they invariably become. The most obvious way that they display their loyalty is by their constant desire to be at your side. It is because of the strong urgency they feel to reside in your presence, that they might decide – and in fact WILL purpose that the two of you must occupy the same physical area at all times.


The term “my shadow” is not an overstatement when describing the determination of a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog to be forever at the side of his “person”. This particular feature can introduce a few hurdles – especially if you happen to have 4 of these animals all seeking to fulfill the self imposed obligation they have to ever be near. It makes little difference your domestic pursuits, whether leaving your chair to get a glass of water, grabbing a phone call in another room, or simply opening a closet door, your Ridgeback will likely feel the necessity to share in that experience. Furthermore, they are impervious to the impropriety of their actions, – even if it means nudging the door open to the ladies room, if thats where you happen to be!


You must decide to what extent you will allow these various behaviors to manifest themselves. A 65-85 pound dog can present a few challenges that are easy to overlook while it is yet a puppy. Although it might be tempting to let your darling have his way, its best not to. It's wise to resist the temptation to allow a Ridgeback puppy to sit in your lap,  jump up on you or lie in your bed while he is yet an adolescent if you wouldn't want these behaviors exhibited by him when he becomes an adult. It's incumbent on us as Ridgeback owners to begin the training process while they are young, so that they do not present a problem later in their canine lives.

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