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Ted is a neutered male that came to us from a couple who wanted to start a family and felt that they could not give him the time and attention that he would need. He is not far past a year old.

Ted gets on well with other dogs, accepting them easily. He is good with people and his former owners said he is good with children. He is well house broken and although he is crate trained, we are looking for a home where he will have the benefit of free reign of the house. He would not do well tied up outside, nor would he do well left outside except for brief periods.

Our impressions of Ted is that he is a gentle temperament, and not at all aggressive. He loves to eat, and so this must be carefully monitored to insure that he does not gain too much weight.

Ted is a large dog, just shy of 92 pounds and will need consistent, though not harsh corrections. He has had professional training, and this should be useful to his new family. Ted is up to date on all vaccinations.

Ted should have as his companions a family that likes to do things,  perhaps fishing, hiking, jogging etc. He will happy with a little exercise daily  - perhaps a long walk, or an off leash experience. However, the most important thing for him is that he is not left to himself for 8 hours or more a day.

Ted is a handsome, high quality Rhodesian Ridgeback that comes from an illustrious heritage, with sound health and temperament from some of the top kennels in the United States. Last year his Sire was in the Top 10 Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the United States.

If you are interested in him, you may email us, and we will respond by telephone. Contact information may be obtained by clicking on the contact menu above.



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